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Mar 28 '11

Wire Tasting: What you need to know about Color

leNewz introduces the Wire Tasting. The Wire Tasting is our newswire suggestion. In a couple of weeks you’ll be able to curate your customized newswires, share them and connect with like-minded people. We hope our Wire Tasting will fuel your inspiration!

We’ll start the serie with the topic that is currently driving Geekland nuts: the $41 million startup Color. We curated a Color newswire and here’s what we got: 

THE INVESTOR’S STORY. What No One Seems To Understand About Color’s $41 Million Round

PR STORY. Where Color Went Wrong

THE CEO’s STORY. Color Founder Bill Nguyen Explains Why You’re All Wrong — It Really IS A $41 Million Idea

THE EARLY ADOPTER’S STORY. Best App Store review ever.  


THE FAKE. New Work City’s [Fake] Pitch Deck - People, Colors, Apps, Mobile, Social, Pivot

THE VISIONARY’S STORY. How Color’s Bill Nguyen Was Influenced by Steve Jobs, and Plans to One-Up Groupon

THE INSIDER’S STORY. Handwritten sign outside of the Color offices in Palo Alto

This is just a preview of what you can get using leNewz V2: all the news stories you care about in one single comprehensive place. You’ll be able to create your own newswires in a few days now!


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